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The cottage Louis Marchand and his team

The education league is a french confederation's association assembled more 25 000 association. His organisation based on 103 B-road federation. The locale association, B-road federation and confederal center count many thousand salary and hundreds' thousand volunteer, and work on in domain of popular education or education of sport's activities, artistic and cultural activities, vacances and professional formation or social action.

Team's Cottage Louis Marchand:
- Marc St Dizier: Director
- Maëlle PERROT: Assistant
- Sophie NEY: The Cook

Association of Thoissey

Association of Thoissey, law 1901, is the owner of cottage Louis Marchand since 18 September 1953.
President: Marie-France DESBAT.

Ski Shop

Implanted in Lélex, Ski Shop proposed to you tu renting ski's equipement in winter period but too VTT in summer.

North Attitude

Across North Attitude, Nicolas GOSSET proposed activities with his polar dogs: Dog's hike, sledge driving.

Holidays for everybody

Holidays for everybody have many holiday's center choice. He proposed composition for children under their needs, their desire.

Ain tourism

Ain tourism is a official website where you will to find all information for discovery an prepare your getaway, your stay or your week-end: promotion, good plan, demonstration, activities, restaurants, lodging...
Ain tourism (tourism development agency of Ain (01)) is for your service for helping you to organised your coming.

Golf Valserine's Club

Situated in Mijoux (01), at the heart of the Mont-Jura station, the team's Golf and restaurant will to meet your expectations in a very friendly and convivial atmosphere.


Transgourmetis a suppliers for supply of food product and hygiene, cleaning products for professionnal's service in restauration.


Brake France, distributor fresh food, frozen food and grocery for restauration's professional, commercial and mass catering.

Region Auvergne/Rhone alpes


Communauté de commune du pays de gex

Communauté de commune Val de saône Chalaronne.

Conseil départemental